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The Power of Chemistry

A Generation long Expertise in Quality Drilling Fluids & Specialty Chemical Manufacturing Since 1975

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Revolutionizing the Oil and Gas Industry with Advanced Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Technology




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Quality Specialty Chemicals


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Health, Safety & Environment

The Company gives lot of importance to Health, safety and environment of the staff, labor and the surroundings. The Company has registered its staff and labors under ESI, where they get regular checkups and free medica- tion. Company has provided the labor with protecting masks, protective wares and helmets. Company also educates the labors to maintain hygienic surroundings and atmosphere in and around the units. ALL the facilities are landscaped with ample number of trees and greenery to the freshness of nature.




Lab Services

Catalyst is equipped with state of the art Lab Facilities now with a wide range of testing quipments especially for testing Cementing & Stimulation Additives, Mud Chemicals & Specialty Drilling Fluids, from brands Ofite, Fann, Brookfiled etc.

We have developed modern testing meth- ods to meet the latest API, ISO specifica- tions and recommended practices. We maintain strict quality control procedures on all testing procedures to meet high industry standards and our labs play an integral role in our Quality, testing, and Product Approval.

We provide testing services for all Drilling Fluids, Mud Chemicals, Cementing & Stimu- lation Chemicals & other Commercial Chemicals which includes Parameters Testing, Product Research & Analysis and Inspection, Quality Assurance & Product Evaluation.


Inventory Support

We support the growing emergency requirements of the products for the Projects, associates & partners around the world, Catalyst has taken an initiative to maintain an adequate stock of our prod- ucts corresponding to individual projects through individual product consumption analysis, on the basis of confirmed requirement in advance.

On accessing the support, Customers / Users can get clear access to availability of ready stock at any given point of time.

This support will save the time and cost related to emergency transport requirements to avoid rig shut-downs, or the unnecessary and expensive purchase of regional stocks.

In addition, we are up with a programme of main- taining regional stock availability for long term projects.

We establish our services as per the requirements of our Customers to ensure the full fledged support.


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