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SD SURF is a blend of cationic Surfactant Viscosities, HCL acid by forming a macromolecular structure of oriented micelles. Viscous acid penetrates deeper into the formation before spending. As pH rises, the viscosity breaks; however, there is enough residual viscosity to flow back acid-insoluble fines. Viscosity of 50-60 cps is typical for acid used up to 155 deg F


SD SURF can be added continuously while pumping or it can be premixed before pumping .if premixed, agitate thoroughly to insure proper mixing. VES300 increases viscosity in HCL acid (up to 20% in concentration). When used in higher concentration acid the gel does not form until the acid spends below 20%. Use 2 to 4% or20-40 Gallons / M gallon VES300. It is compatible with both cationic and nonionic Surfactants. Do not used with anionic surfactant, such as anionic anti sludge agent


· Acid penetrates deeper before spending

· Gel viscosity breaks as acid spends

· Residual viscosity helps remove insoluble fines

· Easily mixed liquid


Normal concentrations range from 20 to -40 gal/1,000 gal (20 to 40 L/m3).


Appearance : Clear golden liquid

Freezing Point  : 39 -48 deg F

Storage Temperature  : 60 – 100 deg F

Flash Point  : >200 deg F

Hazard Class : non-hazardous

Specific Gravity : 0.98 g/mL @ 77 deg F


SD SURF is packed in 55Gal Drum/208Ltr Barrels.

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