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Fracturing Chemicals OXYGEN SCAVENGER

MOS ABS is an Ammonium Bi-sulphite   (Oxygen Scavenger) solution which is used for removal of dissolved oxygen to   prevent internal oxygen corrosion in brackish water handling equipment at   crude oil desalting system. It can also be used to arrest oxygen in sea   water. It is fast reacting, catalyzed and stabilize


It is used as an oilfield chemical and reducing agent. It used   in some brines and completion fluids to reduce corrosion due to its Oxygen   Removal Capabilities


It is used to arrest oxygen in sea water.

It is critical in fluids that are circulated in the wellbore   with Minimum

Atmospheric Contact


Appearance : Yellowish colored solution free from foreign particles

Specific Gravity : 1.30 to 1.40

Flash Point : >200 °F

Pour Point : < -15 °C

PH : 3-5

Solubility : Soluble in Fresh Water, Brines and Water treatment chemicals

Ammonium Bi Sulphite :   65% Min

percentage by mass


MOS ABS is packed in 250 Kg Steel   Drums.

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