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Fracturing Chemicals H2S SCAVENGER

SCAV S is a blend of surfactant,   preservative, recommended for the treatment vapors with a high Content of   hydrogen sulphide, for removal of sulfide and to enhance control of   microorganisms.

It is an excellent bactericide. It is a preservative for cutting   oils, chemical coolants, drilling muds, completion fluids, hydraulic   fracturing fluids and oil recovery system. It is an effective H2S scavenger   and algaecide in industrial water treatment systems. Due to its nonionic   nature, it is compatible with anionics, cationics and other nonionic at pH   8–12


It is used to remove H2S from liquid and gas phases of   completion, packer and workover fluids. It can also be used as a preventative   measure in preparation of packer fluids, when using sea water.


Provides a cost effective way to remove H2S from   processed gas streams.

It can reduce safety hazard associated with high H2S concentration   in a wide range of operation.

Spent material from the reaction of HSCAV101 and H2S acts   as a corrosion inhibitor the system

It can reduce operating costs associated with high H2S   concentration


Appearance : Yellow to light amber liquid

Vapour Density : Estimated lighter than air

pH   : 9-11

Boiling Point : >212F

Solubility in water : Soluble

Density : 0.98 – 1.0


SCAV S is packed in 208   Ltr / 55 gal HDPE or Steel Drums.

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