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Acidizing Chemicals SUSPENDING AGENT


CSA103 is a blend of surfactant used primarily to increase the ability of acid to suspend fine, insoluble particles which are released during acidizing operation. It will reduce the interfacial tension between the acid and formation oil and aid in water‐wetting the formation and fines. It also reduces the ability of insoluble fines to agglomerate. It is beneficial in both normal acidizing operations and for mud clean out acid where it aids in removing and dispersing drilling mud residues. It is added during the acid loading operation at rate of ( 5 – 20 gpt )but normally (10 gpt).


Appearance : Clear liquid

Specific gravity : 0.987

Flash point : < 70 deg F

pH : 7 – 8

Solubility    : soluble in water and acid

Ionic character : non ionic


CSA103 is packed in 55Gal Drum/208Ltr Barrels.

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