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Acidizing Chemicals MULTI FUNCTION AGENT


MFA301 is a specifically blended muti-functional agent. It is a blend of concentrated nonionic surfactants to remove or control down-hole emulsion formation when stimulation fluids come into contact with hydrocarbons present in the formation during well stimulation operations.


MFA301 will assist in the effective and rapid resolution of any emulsions formed as the treatment fluid comes into contact with hydrocarbons present in the formation, when added into the stimulation fluid prior to treatment.

The emulsion formation is the result of the following; During the stimulation process when the treatment comes into contact with the formation hydrocarbons an emulsion may be formed. In acidizing fluids the presence of the acid corrosion inhibitor and other surfactants and also the ferric iron (Fe3+) that ingress into the fluid as the acid comes into contact with the down hole metal surfaces can have a significant stabilizing effect on any emulsions formed. Once formed these emulsions can be very stable and are very difficult to remove and have the potential to cause significant harm to future production. MFA301 effectively resolves such emulsions

MFA301 is nonionic. So it can be used in treatment fluids used to stimulate all formation types but finds particular application when stimulating sandstone and clay based formations where conventional cationic non-emulsifiers are generally less effective.


Appearance : Brown liquid

Specific Gravity : 0.94 – 0.98

Density : 7.8 - 8.5 lbs/gal

Flash Point (PMCC) : 15 deg C

Pour Point : < -30 deg C

Solubility : Soluble in water and HCl


The required concentration of the product will be in the range 1.0-10.0 gallons/1000 gallons of stimulation fluid. The application of MFA301 is dependant upon many factors including the composition of the stimulation fluid, the composition of the formation hydrocarbons and the temperature. The optimum usage concentration of MFA301 has to be determined experimentally prior to treatment. MFA301 is proven to be compatible with a wide range of Acid Corrosion Inhibitors and hence when used in combination with the correct inhibitor there will be no observable harmful impact on either inhibitor or anti-emulsifier performance.


MFA301 is packed in 55Gal Drum/208Ltr Barrels

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