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Acidizing Chemicals IRON CONTROL AGENT


CIC106 is a blend of sequesters, iron preventing Gelatinous ferric hydroxide precipitation. Ferric hydroxide damages formation permeability and is a potential problem during any acidizing treatment. It may be used in a wide variety of application where iron control is required. It controls the pH of the spending acid to help preventing the precipitation of iron in the acid. Surfactants and mutual solvents can be added to the acid in the normal way. The concentrations can be doubled when treating formations containing Siderite or a high concentration of soluble iron.


· It is an effective iron-control material.

· It is suited for acidizing associated with disposal and Injection wells where an iron deposit is present.

· System can be used in stimulating oil- and gas producing Wells.

· Soluble in both acid and water

· Compatible with all acid additives

· Easy to mix and handle

· Control iron hydroxide to ph 8


Appearance : Clear to Yellow Liquid

Odor : Mild

pH : 2-6

Flash Point : Non Flammable

Solubility : Fully Soluble in water

Specific Gravity : 1.1 – 1.3

Iron Control Ability : >50


Normal concentration is 10 to 30 gal/1,000 gal (10 to30 L/m3).


CIC106 is packed in 55Gal Drum/208Ltr Barrels.

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