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Acidizing Chemicals DIVERTING AGENT


CDA100 is a temporary plugging agent which is soluble in liquid hydrocarbons and in water-base fluids. It is a very active diverting agent for bottom hole temperatures up to 250°F. It is recommended for use in wells where the type of production fluid is unknown.

It will dissolve in either oil or water. However, as the solubility is much higher in oil than water, a water-base fluid should be used as the carrier.


The approximate solubility of CDA100 (in pounds per 1000 gallons of fluid) in oil, water and 15% hydrochloric acid is shown below:

  • Oil                     680  1100  1800  1900  4400  7000  --

  • Water (fresh) 37      54       78      110     160      240  350

  • HCl (15%)      <10      15       25        41        70       120  200

The length of time for a plug of CDA100 to dissolve will depend upon the fluid movement past the plug. A tightly compacted plug will require more time to dissolve than a loose plug located close to the wellbore. Generally, the plug is of sufficient permeability to allow slow fluid movement through the plug to the wellbore. The average dynamic half life of CDA100 at 130°F is 4.5 hours, at 180°F is 2 hours, and at 212°F the half life is 1.5 hours.


It is recommended that CDA100 be pumped in a water-base fluid at a concentration of between 1.5 to 2 ppg. Normally, between 40 and 320 pounds has been found to adequately provide good blocks using a normal factor of 5 to 10 pounds per foot.


Appearance  : White, flaky

Odour  : Aromatic

Molecular Weight  : 122.1

Melting Point  : 122° C

Boiling Point  : 249° C


CDA100 is packed in 25 kg HDPE bags.

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