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Acidizing Chemicals

ASC106 prevents asphalt sludge and emulsions when treating with HCL acid it promotes rapid return of the treating fluid to the wellbore after acidizing. Certain crude oils form insoluble deposits when contacted with acid, because unstable colloidal material in the crude oil coagulates crude oil sludge causes slow returns and a large amount of asphalt –type material can plug the formation permeability. It acts as an artificial colloid stabilizer to prevent formation of these deposits at the crude oil/acid interfaces. It is an anionic anti sludge agent which is effective in most production formation testing of crude oil samples required to select the appropriate use concentration.


The recommended dosage will vary from 5 to 25 gallon per 100 gallon hydrochloric acid the required dosage is  dependent upon the sludging properties of the crude oil and the acid concentration


Appearance​​​: liquid

Color​​​​: Dark Brown

Specific Gravity, 60°F ​: 1.0 – 1.1

Flash Point​​​: 45 deg C

Solubility, l% in water ​: Soluble

l% in l5% HCl ​​: Dispersible

l% in Kerosene ​​: Dispersible

Ionic Character​​: Anionic


Material is packed in 55Gal Drum/208Ltr Barrels

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