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Acidizing Chemicals ACID GELLING AGENT


GA300 is a preparation of Poly acrylamide and hydro treated distillates. It is a high molecular weight polymer viscosifier. It is primarily used as a highly efficient Fluid Loss Reducer, Viscosifier, Friction Reducer and Shale Stabilizer in solid free drilling fluid. It maintains borehole stability by preventing shale swelling and erosion. It provides inhibition, lubricity, reduces friction in fresh water. It is a temporary gelled diverting agent for hot wells that forms a solid impermeable gel for diverting treating fluids over a zone or from one zone to another. It can also be used to seal zones in work over operations and to seal lost-circulation zones.


GA300 is used as a viscosifier and Shale Stabilizer and Friction Reducer in solid free drilling fluid. It provides inhibition, lubricity, reduces friction in fresh water. It requires a premix time of 2 -4 hours in 15% HCl at ambient temperature 70 deg F the premix time required is less for higher strength acid and more for lower strength acid at higher temperatures the premix time is reduced but is increased in cold acid. GA300 does not decompose like other polymers at higher temperatures. It is compatible with cationic and nonionic surfactant and corrosion inhibitors.


• Effective Viscosifier and Borehole Stabilizer.

• It can be used as a flocculent in clear water drilling.

• helps in better removal of cutting from bore hole.

• It improves lubricity and reduces friction.

• Produces Rapid Viscosity development

• Enhances Air Foam system Capabilities


Appearance​​​: Off -White, mobile liquid

Specific Gravity​​: 1.0 - 1.1

Solids Content​​: 50% active polymer

pH ​​​​: 7.00

Flash Point​​​: >200 Deg F


Material is packed in 55Gal Drum/208Ltr Barrels

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