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Spotting Fluid ENV CT SPOT-ENV


CT SPOT-ENV is a specially formulated, oil free, water soluble, low toxicity and highly effective stuck pipe spotting fluid compatible with most mud systems. It is a liquid blend of surfactant, lubricant, emulsifiers and filter cake cracking agents of varying chemical nature formulated to serve as water in oil emulsifier and oil wetting agents.


CT SPOT-ENV spotting fluid is chemically penetrating the wall cake between the drill pipe and the formation, allowing the emulsion to seep behind the pipe, lubricating the pipe and equalizing the pressure, thus freeing the pipe


• It is compatible with most of the mud systems.

• Will not adversely affecting other properties.

• Thermally Stable.
• Improves lubricity

• Will not adversely affect the fluid rheology

• Very effective in high pH and hardness environments


Physical Appearance: Brown to Dark Brown   Liquid

Specific Gravity: 0.90 to 0.92

Solubility in water: Soluble

Flash Point: >60°C

Filter Cake Cracking Test: Develops visible   cracking of the filter cake


CT SPOT-ENV normal treatment range is 3.5 gal/bbl (83.3 L/m3) provide satisfactory performance for all type of mud systems.


CT SPOT-ENV is packaged in 5‐gal (18.9‐L) cans and 55‐gal (208‐L) drums. Store in dry, well‐ventilated area.

CT SPOT-ENV is an equivalent to PIPE-LAX ENV

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