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CT-MMX Polymer otherwise known as MMO/MMH, Mixed Metal Oxide, is an effective bentonite extender to maximize carrying capacity in water-based drilling fluid. It is a chemically reacted blend of Oxides and Hydroxides of Aluminum and Magnesium. It provides a viscoelastic fluid at a steady-state that is readily shear-thinning during drilling, but acts as a gel preventing further penetration of the fluid into the loss zone.

CT-MMX is ideal for overcoming the challenges of drilling formations with high loss zones such as fractured formations and reactive shales. It is a very effective replacement for Xanthan Gum when used with Bentonite. The rheological profile of mud is obtained using six speed viscometers, mud containing CT-MMX has shown to provide relatively high 3 rpm and 6 rpm readings, 300 rpm and 600 rpm respectively. CT-MMX helps in providing higher gel strength when in motion while being relatively thinner. Bentonite/CT-MMX drilling fluids can create very high gel strengths in order to suspend heavy drilling cuttings. CT-MMX is very effective, especially in directional drilling the suspension and removal of cutting is difficult, where soil conditions such as Gravel or Cobble require high Gel Strengths in suspending and carrying out cutting


  • Minimize disturbance to mechanically weak formations

  • Economical replacement for Xanthan Gum, when using fresh water, salt water or SSW fluids when used with Bentonite

  • Produces high viscosity at low shear rates.

  • For conventional, angled & horizontal wells.

  • Excellent for Sea water and SSW fluids.

  • Superior hole cleaning in fresh water mud.

  • Reduced fluid losses in highly permeable, depleted & unconsolidated sand and gravels.

  • Suggested to be used in area where conventional LCM and specialize blending remedies are not effective in controlling losses.


  • Reduced mud losses in natural fractures.

  • Supports in drilling most lost zones and keep circulation after initial losses

  • Helps in healing for induced fractures from excessive pressures.

  • Effectively reduces mud loss while drilling.

  • High Temp stability 300 – 400 F.

  • Compatible with Anionic Polymers.

  • Upto 60% lower usage of bentonite.

  • Shear thinning helps enhanced ROP .


Appearance : White Colored Free Flowing Powder

Moisture Content : 10% Max

Bulk Density : 1-1.5 Kg/cc 

pH : 9.5 – 10.5 


CT-MMX Polymer is packed in 25 kg Multiwall Paper Bags.

For any enquiries, please write to

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