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High Temperature Fluid Loss Control Additive CAL-TROL


CAL-TROL is   a specially formulated Fluid Loss Control Additive for Water-Based Fluid Systems effective at high temperatures. It is primarily a Fluid Loss Control   Additive and an effective Viscosifier. It is nonionic and suitable for use in   fluids with salts or ion sensitive additives.


CAL-TROL when used with   bridging agent like sized calcium carbonate, it forms a thin easily removable   filter cake. It enhances Low Shear Rate Viscosity in water-based fluid   systems compared to other fluid loss control products like PAC or starch-based   additives. CAL-TROL can be used in most brines including   seawater, NaCl, KCl, CaCl2, NaBr and formate salt systems. It controls calcium contamination over a wide pH   range and can be used at temperatures to 330°F. At higher   bottom hole temperatures, a  thermal extender is recommended.


CAL-TROL  is Non Ionic, suitable for use in fluids with salts or ion sensitive additives. It functions as an effective Viscosifier for water-based fluid systems. CAL-TROL  provides a thin, easily removable filter cake which minimizes formation damage. It enhances Low Shera Rate Viscosity (LSRV). It is stable at higher temperatures.


Physical Appearance: White Powder

pH: 9.0 - 10.0

Moisture Content: 5.0 %

8% Soln. Vis BF: 15,000 cps

Particle Size

-16 Mesh: 100%

+40 Mesh: 1.5%


A. In Kcl System: HP/HT F/L - 4ml

B. In Nacl System: HP/HT F/L - 2ml


CAL-TROL normal concentrations are in the range of 1 to 4 lb/bbl (2.85 to 11.4 kg/m3) range. Special ultra-low, fluid-loss formulations require higher concentrations.


CAL-TROL is packed in 25 kg Multilayer Paper Bags.

CAL-TROL is equivalent to FLO-TROL

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