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Product Description:

CT-EMULSEC is a multi‐functional additive which serves as secondary emulsifier and wetting agent in the oil mud systems. Secondary   benefits include improved thermal stability and High‐Temperature, High‐Pressure (HTHP) filtration control.


CT-EMULSEC additive functions as a wetting agent   when used in conventional, low‐fluid‐loss, high‐lime systems in combination with primary emulsifier additive. In this application, the product oil‐wets barite and drill solids to   prevent water‐wet   solids; it improves thermal stability, rheological stability, filtration   control and emulsion stability; and it improves the fluidʹs resistance to   contamination.


· Effective at counteracting the adverse effects   of water contamination such as high viscosity, low‐emulsion   stability and water‐wet   solids

· CT-EMULSEC  improves emulsion stability and prevents water‐wet   solids.

· CT-EMULSEC  maintains stable water‐in‐oil   emulsion and helps prevent water in HTHP filtrate.

· Improves   thermal stability, rheological stability, filtration control and contamination‐resistance of oil‐base   muds.

Physical Properties:

Physical appearance - Dark‐amber, viscous liquid.

Specific gravity  - 0.90 – 1.0.

Flash Point - 65 Deg   C.

Recommended Treatment:

Initial formulations concentration   range from 1 to 3 lb/bbl (2.85 to 8.6 kg/m3) when used as a wetting agent,   with occasional daily treatments. Concentrations for initial formulations   range from 2 to 8 lb/bbl (5.7 to 22.8 kg/m3) when used as an emulsifier, with occasional daily treatments.

Packing and Storage:

CT-EMULSEC is packaged in 55‐gal (208‐L) drums.

Store in dry, well‐ventilated area. Keep container closed. Keep away from heat, sparks and flames. Store away from incompatibles. Follow safe warehousing practices regarding palletizing, banding, shrink‐wrapping and/or stacking

CT-EMULSEC is equivalent to CARBO-MUL

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