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ACT-OG-0830 Activated Carbon Amine Filtration for Oil Refinery


Application: Amine Filtration


Amine treatment is employed in refineries to remove the “sour gas” which is frequently observed in natural gas and the process is referred to as “gas sweetening process”. Sour gas is a mixture of CO2 and Sulphur which has proven to be highly corrosive. The Sulphur exists in the natural gas in the form of Hydrogen sulphide and concentration above 5.7mg of H2S per cm3 of natural gas is considered to be sour or corrosive. Basically, there are amine solutions used for the sweetening process - Mono-ethanolamine (MEA) and Di-ethanolamine (DEA).

Process: Sour gas flows through a contactor tower – “absorber”, and it is contacted in a counter flow direction with the amine solution. The amine solution which has the acid gasses is pumped to a stripping column where it is flashed to remove the gasses and circulated back to the absorber column and the circulation continues. The amine gasses are corrosive and hence it takes long with them the rust and other particles and other degradation products like organic acids and carbamate polymerization products. This particulate matter is removed from the regenerated amine stream via a mechanical filter and the chemical degradation products that are organic in nature using ACT- OG-0830. The carbon filtration is done for a complete volume of amine return stream or a side stream depending on the extent of contamination. The filtration may be in a down flow or upward flow though downward flow is mostly used for this application. We have to employ back washing when the pressure drop builds up over the bed and result in clogging.

ACT-OG-0830 activated carbon is attrition resistant and which can take care of frequent back wash and limited carbon loss. Being corrosive the MEA and DEA are generally dosed at 15% and 30% respectively. Specialized amines like Methyl di-ethanol amine, MDEA, and Di-isopropanol amine, DIPA are less corrosive and can be dosed up to 50%. Specialty amines cover the full range of required treated gas composition from the maximum carbon dioxide slip to nearly complete carbon dioxide removal. ACT-OG-0830 have proven effective in fully “cleaning” MEA, DEA and MDEA specialty amines after regeneration.





Moisture %: 5 max, ASTM D2867

Bulk density Kg/m3: 480 min, ASTM D2854

Ash Content %: 5 max, ASTM D2866

pH: 9-11, ASTM D3838

Hardness %: 98 min, ASTM D6556

Iodine mg/gm: 1000 min, ASTM D4607

Surface Area m/gm: 1050 min, BET-m2

Particle Size Distribution (%)

+8 US Mesh %: 5 max, ASTM D2862

-30 US Mesh %: 4 max, ASTM D2862


ACT-OG-0830 is packaged in 500 kgs net in poly woven bags or 25 kgs net in PP bags with inner lining.

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