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As cement is pumped across a permeable rock surface under pressure, cement filtrate or water is lost or squeezed out of the cement into the rock. Cement-fluid loss must be controlled to obtain the right rheological properties for placing the cement and to ensure a good cement bond to pipe and formation.

CEMFLC is a proprietary cellulose based cement fluid loss additive designed for oil well cementing with bottom hole circulating temperature from 30°C to 180°C where mix water ranges from fresh to salt water. It is applicable for designing cement slurries in conjunction with dispersants and retarders to achieve low fluid loss ranges for cementing long casings and even for squeeze jobs. It provides excellent filtration control and lowers operating free water over a wide range of temperatures and does not allow cement setting due to its low viscosity in static and dynamic state. , it is the ideal fluid-loss additive for high temperature, high-density slurries


It provides excellent fluid-loss control at high temperatures and is compatible with lower temperature fluid-loss additives. It is a dry powder that is easily and most commonly dry blended


It is compatible with all other cement additives and all API cements and It provides excellent fluid-loss control. 

It is effective in wide range of temperatures.


Evaluation of viscosity of Slurry would be required before the usage of the additive. In some cases, a dispersant material might need to be added with the additive. There can be some slight retardation at lower temperatures.

Effective in dispersed slurries.

Normal concentration range is 0.2 to 3.0% by weight of cement (BWOC)


Form: Powder
Bulk Density:  500-650 Kg/m3

Moisture Content: <10%

Thermal Stability: >300 Deg F


CEMFLC is packed in 25 Kg HDPE Bags.

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