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CT-SCA 701 is a specially formulatedbroad-spectrum liquid antiscalant for Reverse Osmosis and Nano-filtration systems. It is effective at preventing inorganic scale, particularly calcium carbonate, iron and silica thus reducing the frequency of membrane replacement and cleaning. It has proven to be effective at a Langelier Saturation Index (LSI) of +2.6 which means that systems can be designed and operated at their optimum recovery rates. By Reducing the amount of feed water used and concentrate to be discharged, significant savings can be made to both capital and operational costs. CT-SCA 701 is basically anorganophosphonate compound exhibits diverse properties like chelation, dispersion and threshold inhibition of cation.


· It functions as an excellent calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate scale inhibitor.

· It also exhibits excellent synergistic corrosion inhibition when combined with zinc salt, azole and phosphate on aluminium and mild steel, its sequestrating power for Cation such as Calcium, Iron is excellent at stoichiometric ratio.

· This property enables in use in various water treatment system such as circulating cooling water system in power plant, oil refinery plant, reverse osmosis and oilfield refill water system


Physical appearance  - Straw Colored Liquid

Specific gravity  - 1.33 - 1.4

pH  - 9.5 - 10.5

Freezing point   - < -15 Deg C


CT-SCA 701 Typical dosage rates are 2 – 4 mg/L. It shall be introducedcontinuously to the feed water. Dosage rate in the feed water should be less than 5 mg/L in potable water systems.


CT-SCA 701 is packaged in 25/30 Kg Carboys. Store in dry, well‐ventilated area. Keep container closed. Keep away from heat, sparks and flames. Store away from incompatibles.

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