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CA MICA is a chemically inert Lost Circulation material and is a naturally occurring Muscovite Mica. It is available in three Grades – Fine, Medium & Coarse


Fine Grade Mica Flakes may be added directly to the drilling fluid as a precautionary measure in stopping Lost Circulation since the small particles pass through the shaker screen and are thus retained in the system.

Medium & Coarse Grades are used to control mild circulation losses and are, in combination with other bridging agents, usually applied in form of a Lost Circulation plug.


  • It is usually used in combination with fibrous materials, used to make up a Lost Circulation slug. The amounts to be added are only limited by the desired viscosity of the slug


Physical State: Lustrous Flakes

Density: 2.6 gm/cm3

Bulk Density (Fine): 0.64 gm/cm3

Temperature Stability: Stable at all Bottom Hole Temperatures

Solubility: Insoluble in all solvents

Chemical Reactvity: Inert, decomposes in Hydrofluoric Acid

Toxicity: Non Toxic

pH (1% on water): 7


Fine Grade: 20 to 100 Mesh

Medium: 10 to 18 Mesh

Coarse: ¼ to 16 Mesh

All particle sizes are available as per required Specifications


When placing a MICA plug, it might become necessary to remove the jet nozzle in the bit or to pump through the open drill pipe. this is especially the case when using the product in combination with other lost circulation materials  


CA MICA is packed in 50 / 25 Kg HDPE Bags or 1 MT Jumbo bags. Store in dry, well‐ventilated area. Keep away from heat, sparks and flames. Store away from incompatibles    

For TDS, MSDS or further enquiries, please write to

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