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Fracturing Chemicals NON IONIC SURFACTANT


This Nonionic Surfactant is a non emulsifier that can be applied to aqueous stimulation, fluid including acid, fracturing Fluid, or other stimulation fluid. This liquid additive has been specially designed to work across a broad spectrum of crude oils. It is a Nonyl phenol resin with additional surfactants that functions as a non-emulsifier and surface and interfacial tension reducer. Leaves the formation “water-wet” to assist in well clean up after fracturing and acidizing treatments. Normal concentration is 1 to 2 gal/1,000 gal (1 to 2 L/m3).


· Compatible with most other, fluid additives.

· Can be used in both sandstone and carbonate formations Because of its nonionic character.

· Can provide non emulsification properties with a broad range of crude oils.

· Shall not damagingly affect the performance of corrosion inhibitors.

· Can be added at any point during most treatment, fluid preparation procedures.


Appearance : Clear colorless to pale yellow liquid

Specific Gravity : 0.95 at 20°C

Flash point : 43°C (PMCC)

Pour point : < -5°C

Ionic Nature : non-ionic


NSURF is packed in 55Gal Drum/208Ltr Barrels.

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